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Who plays rugby?

Rugby is a game that is played in over 120 countries throughout the world. People participate in rugby in many ways – as a player, coach, match official and volunteer or administrator.

Through non-contact versions of the game, children as young as six can enjoy the game. The modified versions of rugby in Australia include: Walla rugby (7–8 years), Mini rugby (9–10 years) and Midi rugby (11–12 years). These games are played at both junior clubs and schools.

Senior club rugby (including colts) offers players an opportunity to experience the camaraderie of the game, while women’s rugby is also popular at clubs and schools. Rugby is played as a 15-a-side game, seven-a-side and as ten-a-side.

Rugby participation has grown at a strong rate, with registered player numbers increasing from 89,760 to more than 150,000 between 1996 and 2003. Participation continued to grow following the success of the Rugby World Cup, with almost 177,000 registered players in 2005 (including 36,574 seniors, 41,533 juniors, 1,996 women and 17,115 Golden Oldies) – a seven percent increase on 2004.


Barbaric sport played by gentlemen

This is not rugby league. This is not the bash-it-up, kick-it-on-the-sixth-tackle drudgery. This is something more aesthetic, more operatic, more hands-on, more international. This is rugby union. This is leather-patches, smoking jackets, cognac after dinner. This is a barbaric sport played by gentlemen, unlike rugby league, which is a barbaric sport played by barbarians. Yes, you've got the drift. This is a sport, a culture, a lifestyle, that takes itself extremely seriously. Welcome to toff's paradise. And like any acquired taste, it requires a crash-course to work out what all these silly diversions, odd interruptions and strange names mean. Just be patient, because soon you will also be swilling the cognac around in the mouth, rather than spitting it out.




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