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Local Märjamaa men and boys have been playing rugby since April 2009. Rugby in Estonia is still in its baby steps comparing to rugby nations like England, New Zealand, Australia, France etc. To people who do not know much or sadly anything about this sports, rugby can seem as an extremely brutal, aggressive, violent game with no actual or understandable mission. How a bunch of goons tackle each other and chase an oval ball around the stadium may not seem that interesting at first glance. The movement of players may seem chaotic and instead of passing the ball around and scoring points, players attack each other seemingly with no reason. Actually it is vice versa. Rugby is played by very intelligent players who not only use their raw power to score a TRY but also use various strategic combinations to outmaneuver the opponent. It is a team game. In addition to intelligent players the game itself is very fast paced and requires quick reflexes and logical thinking not to mention beast like endurance. This sport is so much more that it cannot be simply put in words. Aside from Rugby Union, Rugby Sevens (ie. Olympic Rugby) joined the Olympic Programme in October of 2009.


MTÜ RFC Märjamaa is currently completely self-funded. We are actively pursuing for oportunities to work with different companies as well as individuals. We have opportunities to display banners at all of our matches, camps and within our press releases. We are also open to negotiations on displaying your corporate identity on the playing and training kit of the teams as well as through our social media and website. In terms of financial support of the Rugby Union, we would like to offer different levels of support and/or sponsorship.

If you think that rugby is a game that has the potential to progress in Estonia and/or want to support our club in general, then our bank account is open for donations. Information about how and where to donate can be found down below. All donated money goes for buying better training equipment, for covering participation fees in various tournaments and for bringing rugby to people, especially to youngsters.


If you are interested in more than just a one time donation and are looking for a possible sponsorship agreement, then feel free to contact the board members. We very much look forward to hearing from you soon!

Beneficiary's name: MTÜ RFC MÄRJAMAA
Beneficiary's account: EE382200221048640890
Beneficiary's bank: Swedbank
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