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RFC Märjamaa - LogoMärjamaa VIKAT was formed in in April 19, 2009. It all started pretty unusually and to be frank, Märjamaa Vikat is not a usual or traditional rugby club per se. The propaganda that we made prior to the first training session was immense. We started the night before and ended in the early hours. Partly thanks to alcohol and partly thanks to Rainer’s continuing "whining" about rugby in general was the push we needed to go to a rugby practice basically right after celebrating the third half – and that was before we even knew about the existence of the third half and rugby!

We tried to involve as many people as possible and we still are, but back then we had no filter. As I mentioned earlier, the bigwig of this project was Rainer Koppel, our club founder and ex-president. He had been talking about rugby all year long, if not longer, but to be honest nobody paid him any attention. Sure people are obliged to hear you out and nod, give out promises they won’t hold and that is exactly what happened. People promised but noting actually happened. It was pretty much on Rainer’s shoulders to push us off the cliff and take some risks; pick up a rugby ball. The reason why people were not really interested in rugby was because people did not know much or basically anything about it. It was brand new in Estonia. It was something mysterious. Many confused rugby for American football – boy, could they be any more wrong?

We had huge plans with the team and we continued our propaganda at local parties and other locals. Lots of meaningless promises later we had a solid of 10-12 people at practice. Many dropped out because of whatever reasons – game was too brutal, rules were hard to follow etc. - made up reasons. All the confidence that had built in them was now gone. To be honest I think that very few people enjoyed the first practice. It was brutal and I am being modest.  We did not know much about rules, if anything at all. Rainer tried to give us a crash course but we failed miserably. So he thought that if we cannot learn by just listening to him then we have no option but to play and learn along the way. Could he be more wrong? Actually not. We learned how and where to pass the ball, how to hold it, how to tackle and protect oneself. With simplified rules and many-many bruises later we managed to play our very first rugby game.

First few training sessions were vital for the club to sort out boys from men. It was enough to put together the core, a group of people who take it all to the next level.

We are proud of our every member and any person who at least tries to play rugby and joins our practice. Even if they do not enjoy themselves and do not like the sports, they can say that have at least tried it in their lifetime. They know about rugby.

The key to our success lies in another team – Tallinn Sharks and their key man back then, Chris Harding. Thanks to their coaching and equipment we could start training properly. It was all the motivation we needed to step up our game. We thank you for your time and the opportunity!  

We train, play and compete all year long but that does not mean that you should take your time and think about joining. Less thinking, more doing. Join now!

FULL MEMBERS are obliged to pay yearly dues! Currently it is 50 EUROs per season. More information can be found in ABOUT US – MEMEBRSHIP tab.